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Daosh Four Diagnostic Instrument Grandly Exhibited in China Health Services Congress


       The Ninth China Health Services Congress and Chinese Medical Association Seventh National Conference on Health Management was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province during September 18-20. The meeting was the most influential and internationally recognizable in health management and health service field. Themed the “perfect service system and promote common development”, the meeting advocated to improve the health management service system and promote the development of health service industry. Shanghai Daosh Medical Technology Co., Ltd participated in this grand meeting as the leading TCM health management solution supplier and exhibited the product integration platform and preventive treatment of diseases service model “constitution- viscera- psychology- chronic disease- intervention- digging”.

       During the meeting, Professor Han Ping, vice-director of China Health Promotion Foundation Health Management Institute gave speeches themed “the application of TCM health status appraisal technology in health management”, emphasized the important role of TCM prevention health care in health management and the necessity of health management service system with Chinese characteristic.

       With Professor Han Ping as the leader and expert, the project “multi-center application and research on physical examination groups TCM health status assessment and comprehensive intervention” was initiated by China Health Promotion Foundation and Shanghai Daosh Medical Technology Co., Ltd. This project is carried out based on the theory of preventive treatment of diseases and differentiation technology and intervention technology, take the key differentiation technology developed in earlier stage and health management center and TCM preventive treatment of diseases center as support. The institutes involved in the project include 14 general hospital health management centers: Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital; The Third Xingya Hospital of Central South University; Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; Beijing Hospital of TCM, Capital Medical University; Shanghai East Hospital, etc. Shanghai Daosh Medical Technology Co., Ltd. provides TCM four diagnostic constitution differentiation equipment as the support unit for the TCM health examination equipment.

       TCM health management solution proposed by Shanghai Daosh Medical Technology Co., Ltd. provides technology support platform for carrying out individual TCM health service in general hospital health management center, realizes collection of TCM health information, status differentiation evaluation and TCM life cultivation intervention, enriches connotation of traditional health management and plays an important role in building and promoting health management service system with Chinese characteristics.