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Representatives Of Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Participated In Sixth ISO/TC249 Annual Meeting 4 Proposals Obtained The Right To Project Approval


      International Organization for Standardization TCM Technical Committee ( abbreviation for ISO/TC249) Sixth Plenary Meeting was held in Beijing on June 1,2015. 269 persons from ISO headquarter and 12 member bodies of China, America, Japan, Korea and related authorities attended this meeting, with the largest number.Wang Guoqiang, Deputy-director of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Director-general of SATCM, Yu Xinli, Deputy-director of Standardization Administration of China and Yu Wenming, Deputy-director of the State Administration of TCM(SATCM) attended this meeting.

       Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.was invited to participate in this meeting and put forward 4 new proposals with Japan and Canada research institutions such as tongue image record system correction standard color card, image display device, electronic moxa-moxibustion treatment instrument and TCM fumigation instrument. These proposals got unanimous approval of experts and obtained the right to vote for NP stage.

      ISO/TC249 Plenary Meeting is held once a year and it is the sixth consecutive year so far. It is a key opportunity to advance standard proposal and solve important problems. Within the range of ISO/TC249 WG4, Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. undertook the most ISO/TC249 international standard formulation programs during 2013-2015.Four international standard proposals has officially obtained the project approval:pulse image record system sensor, tongue image record system light environment,meridian and collateral instrument and abdomen examination instrument.