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Pulse Measurement Sensor Obtains Korea Patent —— Innovation Strength Of Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Receives International Recognition


         On March 12,2015,Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd applied for the patent “pulse blood pressure wave intensity and vas width measurement sensor”in Korea was officially authorized and technology innovation strength received international recognition

        With the concept of “modern technology interpretation on traditional classic” in mind, Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd attaches equal importance to heritage and innovation and improve TCM health service ability. In the past years, Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd collaborated with many domestic scientific research institutions to devote to technology research and product development for TCM diagnostic equipment

        Currently, Daosh Medical Technology Co.,Ltd boasts the most patent technologies in field of TCM four diagnostic equipment.Core technology has 73 patents in domestic and abroad. Authorized patents include: 2 Japan patents, 4 Russia patents, 1 Korea patent, 1 America patent, 11 China invention patents, 24 utility model patents, 5 design patents.

      In 2014, Daosh Medical Technology Co。,Ltd was granted as Patent Pilot Unit。