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Daosh Helps Jiangyin Create Regional TCM Prevention Health Care Service System And Open A New Model Of TCM Preventive Treatment Of Diseases


 In 2011, Jianyin carried out the implementation of TCM preventive treatment of diseases prevention health care service program and established a TCM prevention health care service model, highlighting TCM feature service significance and achieving a good result.

  In 2012, during the course of construction and implementation of “preventive treatment of diseases”, with the spirit of “system construction first, pushing it forward in the city”, the complete TCM “preventive treatment of diseases” prevention health care service system and operation management model with Jiangyin feature is formed.

   With the consistent exploration and innovation of “preventive treatment of diseases” health care service model, Jiangyin introduced the leading “TCM four diagnostic instrument” and applied to 21 pilot units such as Jiangyin Hospital of TCM, the Fifth People’s Hospital, Chengjiang Street Rehabilitation Hospital, Yuecheng Public Health Center, Xinqiao Community Health Service Center, etc. It provided technical support for carrying out “preventive treatment of diseases” service like “constitution differentiation-TCM health record establishment-chronic disease management- major group health management-recuperation intervention”. The application of TCM four diagnostic instrument not only provides high-level TCM health examination, appraisal and health intervention service for the community, but also raises the basic TCM service ability and quality.


—Abstracted from China News of TCM,Jan。7, 2013