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Daosh Four Diagnostic Instrument Undertook Mars 500 International Simulation Experiment


        “Mars500” is an international experiment project to explore Mars initiated by Russia and participated by many countries.It is the first time for human being to simulate the whole process of manned experiment flying to Mars, around the Mars and landing in Mars and back to Earth. The experiment was carried out in Moscow. Six volunteers stayed for 520 days in sealed cabin and overcame difficulties and completed the simulation experiment.

        China’s project was“Mars500 TCM syndrome differentiation study in sealed environment for long time”。 Daosh four diagnostic instrument was selected by expert team as the only TCM equipment。On June 3, 2010, it entered stimulation capsule for study work。On November 4,2011, the task of “information collection of the tongue, face and pulse of aerospace volunteer was completed successfully。Through the review by experts of China Astronaut Research and Training Center, Shanghai University of T。C。M。 and Shanghai Daosh Medical Technology Co。, Ltd were designated to jointly take on “Mars500” TCM data analysis digging work。

       These achievements will be a good beginning for TCM “four diagnosis” information health study on astronaut’s long-time flying. It provides feasible experience and method and lay a foundation for carrying out extensive and further study. As a major application instrument, Daosh four diagnostic instrument is expected to be extensively applied in more scientific research fields.

Italy astronaut volunteer was receiving the examination in Mars simulation capsule

French astronaut volunteer was receiving the examination in Mars simulation capsule