Hypertension TCM Auxiliary Syndrome Differentiation System

Product Overview

Hypertension TCM auxiliary syndrome differentiation system based on《notice on TCM health management technology regulation for 5 major groups and chronic disease patients》published by the State Administration of TCM introduce a new model for health management “constitution-chronic disease-intervention”for hypertension groups. New model for health management is suitable for essential hypertension groups over 55 and provide objective reference for clinical and scientific research. The system simulates the method of disease collection in TCM clinical, collect 11 categories and 152 TCM symptoms altogether such as “chief complaint”, “general symptoms”, “tongue and pulse symptoms”. Four diagnosis gives overall symptom differentiation and automatic software analysis gives result.The system covers 20 types of symptom,basically including common clinical symptom of hypertension, and provide individual life nurturing scheme and intervention scheme according to different types of symptom.

Function and feature

1.conformity with thinking on clinical syndrome differentiation

Syndrome collection process simulates herbalist’s thinking on syndrome differentiation and arrangement of syndrome is based on“chief complaint”, “general symptoms” and “tongue and pulse symptoms”

2.comprehensive four diagnosis information

          the product covers 11 categories and 152 TCM symptoms, basically including common symptom of essential hypertension;

3.advanced algorithm and accurate syndrome differentiation

It adopts world’s leading calculation technology and accurate syndrome differentiation based on experiences from famous herbalist on essential hypertension syndrome differentiation;

The syndrome differentiation result of the system covers 20 types of syndrome, basically including common symptom of essential hypertension, clinical and scientific research reference.

4.combination of TCM and life nurturing and rich scheme

Scheme includes life nurturing scheme and intervention scheme。 TCM health care guidance is provided for hypertension groups such as diet recuperation,guided care, acupuncture point massage, foot bath and medicinal pillow。 TCM appropriate technology auxiliary therapy advice is provided to doctor such as acupuncture needle, moxa-moxibustion,skin scarping,cupping technique and acupuncture point electrotherapy,etc。