DS01-DInformation Collection of Pulse Condition Coupled with Constitution Differentiation System(Shanghai FDA Food and Drug Administration No。20132271692)

Product Overview

DS01-D information collection of pulse condition coupled with constitution differentiation system adopts advanced sensor and computer technology,integrating modern technology and clinical experience and realize the digital collection and intelligent analysis of pulse condition information。Combined with pulse condition and inquiry information, the product can make automatic constitution differentiation and


The system consists of pulse condition module,constitution differentiation module, data management module and built-in data process station,etc.


Function and Feature

  1。The system provides objective collection and digital storage for pulse-taking and inquiry information and keep complete TCM health record

  2.provide technology support for carrying out TCM constitution differentiation and health assessment, TCM health intervention and TCM appropriate technology

     3.preventive health care service system construction for hospital of TCM and basic medical institution integration regionInformation collection of pulse condition diagnosis and auxiliary constitution differentiation for medical institutions and for TCM syndrom differentiation reference.



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