Daosh TCM health cloud boasts feature service model “TCM health examination-quantifiable evaluation-accurate life cultivation” and collaborates with enterprises in health management and life cultivation to provide customers with “TCM health management service program”, break blurred and old model of life cultivation and start an era of individual accurate life cultivation to serve the mass with good quality product.

【Component】 Terminal equipment, Cloud software system


【Function units】

Collection and analysis system of TCM tongue,pulse and inquiry

TCM constitution differentiation system

Health status differentiation system of viscera

TCM life cultivation and recuperation system



Health record cloud storage

Constitution differentiation analysis

Health status quantifiable evaluation

Individual life cultivation and recuperation service package

APP TCM health management APP


Advanced data collection system

World’s leading lighting source environment

World’s leading high-accuracy sensor


Intelligent TCM health status differentiation

12 types of constitution differentiation

26 types of TCM symptoms


Quantifiable evaluation in diagram

Tongue image health radar diagram reflects overall health status

Pulse diagram quantifiable index indicates qi and blood function status

Ying and yang/qi and blood/cold and heat/ asthenia and sthenia indicates viscera function status


TCM health management APP

Appointment of health management service

Recommendation of individual health information as required

Check health report anytime

Enjoy “health package” service anywhere  


Create unique TCM health cloud application platform

Customized TCM health management solutions

Individual recuperation service package to add

Product mall owned by enterprise to link

Individual membership health management to realize mobile connectivity

APP share to expand potential enterprise membership